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Alpine Convention

The Alpine Convention is a framework agreement to guarantee the protection and a sustainable and environmentally sound development of the Alps. It was signed by 8 Alpine states and the EU, and came into force on 6 March 1995. In the Alpine Convention, the contracting parties commit themselves to a holistic policy to preserve and protect the Alps by a prudent and sustainable use of resources “by applying the principles of prevention, payment by the polluter (the 'polluter pays' principle) and cooperation”. To achieve these goals, the contracting parties are asked to take appropriate steps which are laid down in the implementation protocols. The transport protocol regulates the implementation of a sustainable transport policy.

Alpine Initiative

The Alpine Initiative is a Swiss association. In 1989 the association launched the popular initiative "for the protection of the Alpine region from transit traffic", that was accepted on the 20th February 1994 by a majority of both the Swiss population and the cantons. 

Alpine Initiative
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