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Mont Blanc

The Mont Blanc tunnel was opened in 1965 and was mainly destined for tourists. In the decades to follow, the deluge of lorries grew, and so did resistance against them. In the nineties the population of the valley, the mayors of its towns and villages and different environmental organisations repeatedly blocked access to the tunnel. On 24 March 1999, a transit lorry transporting margarine and flour caught fire in the tunnel. 39 people died in the blaze. The tunnel was closed for an undetermined period. On 26 June 2002, the deluge of lorries returned, but the population continues to resist.

Alpine Initiative

The Alpine Initiative is a Swiss association. In 1989 the association launched the popular initiative "for the protection of the Alpine region from transit traffic", that was accepted on the 20th February 1994 by a majority of both the Swiss population and the cantons. 

Alpine Initiative
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