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Transport statistics

Annual statistics on transalpine freight transport by road and rail in the entire Alpine arc, i.e. from Vienna – Ventimiglia.
Alpinfo, Federal Office of Spatial Planning.

Bundesamt für Raumentwicklung: Erhebungen zum Güterverkehr

Information service for public transport, Litra.

Monitoring of supporting measures: monthly statistics of transalpine freight transport by road (St. Gotthard, San Bernardino, Brenner, Fréjus, quotas for Switzerland, border crossings at Basel and Chiasso) and rail (St. Gotthard, Simplon, Brenner, Mont Cenis): Federal Office for Spatial Planning

Monitoring of drip-flow traffic regulation: monthly statistics on the regulation of road freight traffic on the St. Gotthard and San Bernardino South-North-South roads. FEDRO

Transport development on the A2, as measured at the border crossings in Basel and Chiasso. (website available in German, French or Italian)

Report of the Federal Council (the Swiss cabinet) on the transfer of traffic: Report on the Transfer of Traffic 2002

Alpine Initiative

The Alpine Initiative is a Swiss association. In 1989 the association launched the popular initiative "for the protection of the Alpine region from transit traffic", that was accepted on the 20th February 1994 by a majority of both the Swiss population and the cantons. 

Alpine Initiative
Hellgasse 23
CH-6460 Altdorf UR
phone +41 41 870 97 81
Donations: CH4109000000190062469